These Safety rules are in affect to promote personal safety, protect our land owner, and protect our ability to fly at this site. These rules are in effect when two or more pilots are at the flying site.
Please READ and follow these rules at ALL times!

All pilots must have current AMA membership and be a member in good standing of the VRCF.   Guests are permitted to fly as per our club policy.

  1. Compliance of these safety rules is the responsibility of each participant. Violation of the rules could result in the loss of flying privileges.
  2. The AMA Safety Code, site specific flying rules, and field layout, will be displayed when the field is open for flying.
  3. Fliers must have AMA cards on them at all times when flying.  Flying by non-AMA members is not permitted. AMA cards must be shown when requested.
  4. Children are NOT permitted beyond the spectator area unless they are under the DIRECT supervision of an adult club member.
  5. The First Aid kit and fire extinguisher shall be put out by the first member arriving at the field.
  6. The Shelter may not be used as a pit area.
  7. Pilots using FM radios must get their corresponding frequency pin and leave their AMA card in slot before turning on their radio.
  8. Mufflers are required on all engines over .049 cubic inch displacement
  9. Testing of engines (including running in) shall be performed in designated areas only.
  10. Flight operation will stop during electrical storms.
  11. Models will fly ONLY in pre-designated flight areas, and will yield right-of-way to full-size (piloted) aircraft.
  12. All model flying must be flown in the SAME direction over the runway when two or more airplanes are flying at a time.  Flight patterns will be established by wind direction.
  13. Pilots or their spotter must make appropriate announcements when taking off, landing, or in emergency situations.
  14. Only pilots and assistants are allowed at the flight line.
  15. Deliberate flying behind the flight line or safety line is prohibited.
  16. A pilot and spotter MAY stand on the field to fly a model Only if a new “Imaginary” Safety Line is re-established 25 ft. further into the field.
  17. If more than ONE model is flying at a time, all pilots will stand in the designated pilot stations ONLY.
  18. Pilots will taxi aircraft to the runway only from the designated start area or taxiway.
  19. Pilots will taxi aircraft to a kill engine zones, kill engine, and walk or carry models back to the pit area.
  20. Taxiing is NOT allowed in the pit area.
  21. Helicopter flights are allowed in designated areas only.
  22. High start lines are to run parallel to the active runway.

AMA Charter #4185