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As a group, we celebrate our successes; the one piece landings, the awesome 3D aerial artistry, the acquisition of beautiful aircraft. Likewise, when one of us lose an aircraft, we all feel a sense of loss.
I think it’s time we pay tribute to the part of our organization that can’t always walk away from a mishap, our aircraft.
Chris Crash
At the end of the year, I hope that we can look back and recognize the contributions made by both planes and pilots.

This page is for remembering that which has made the ultimate sacrifice, be it by disorientation, structural failure, radio failure, engine failure, or dumb thumbs, no one will be judges here, just remembrances.


Rick Grace’s Yak RIP 1/25/2016
Passed on way too soon.


Chuck’s Edge 540 RIP 2/7/2016



Chris’ Mustang RIP 3/21/2016


Ricks Bad

Ricks Bad 4

Ricks Bad 3

Ricks Bad 2

Rick’s “Unknown Soldier” (too mangled for me to identify) RIP March 2016
BTW Rick, it’s not a competition, you can stop destroying planes anytime you’d like!


Fortunately, the flying Gods have been kind, unfortunately however, Murphy did take a ride at our annual Float Fly in Edna.

Tele 2 Tele 3

Yours truly (John Gill) gave Murphy a lift to the other side of the lake where a screw holding the right rear strut backed out. Shortly after that, in what may have been an unrelated issue, we saw something fluttering down into the lake, followed by a black object. After listening to Chris barking out suggestions/orders for a few seconds, I handed the radio to Johnny and we watched the Telemaster drive itself into the ground. After inspecting the carnage, I noticed the battery hatch was nowhere to be found, along with the battery. I’ll give you three guesses as to what was falling off the plane before the crash. The only thing more frustrating than watching your plane crash, is having no control and listening to someone yelling PULL UP…PULL UP!

Worry not though, I can rebuild her, I have the skills and technologies to make the Phoenix rise again from the rubble. Look for the¬†return of “The Telemaster,” coming to an RC aerodrome near Telferner.

Daves Apprentice
Daves Apprentice

Dear Dave Anderson,

I’ve seen and caused some bad landings, but I NEVER knocked the tires¬†off my planes. When Dave does something, he does it well! Rumor is, he was watching a plane shaped cloud instead of his aircraft… they’re both white.

With some glue, and spare parts, Dave will be airborne again!



Still waiting for the pics on this species.

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