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Rick 3D

GeeBee Landing

50% Cub

3D Nerves of Steel


2013 Spring Fun Fly Opening Ceremonies

A thing of beauty… I want one!

Note to self, plane doesn’t hover very well without a prop!

COOL AIRCRAFT! Who needs quads anymore.


Spectacular Jet Crash!

They do have brakes!!

Gyro’s Explained!

Red Bull Air Race 9.7.2014 CAP 232 3d

Turn the sound up!

3D how to video by Joe Smith.

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  1. Guy’s their coming and coming hard! AVCS (Angular Vector Control System) gyros are the hottest thing in flight training and heading stabilization. Whether your just learning or trying to keep that war bird on the straight and narrow going down the runway, a gyro’s the only way to go. Remember TECHNOLOGY IS OR FRIEND; don’t fly in the dark, come into the light. Remember to mount the gyro on center axis, isolate from vibrations, when the servos are powered up, let the gyro stabilize; and double check to make sure the control surfaces are reacting in the proper direction!

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