VRCF Instructional Help





If you are reading this and are thinking about how much fun it would be to learn to fly a radio controlled airplane, our club can help you. The club has a “club trainer”, and if you’d like to call and set up a time, we’d love to get you in the air. The trainer is set up with what we call a “buddy cord”.  The buddy cord connects two transmitters together. The instructor uses the master, and the student pilot will operate the slave transmitter. After the instructor gives some pre take- off instructions, you will know a little about what each stick/gimble on the transmitter does, and you’ll be ready to give it a try. You can’t crash the airplane because the instructor will only give you control when you are ready, and can retake control if you get into trouble.

If this is something that interests you, please give one of us a call.

Rick Borden – 361-649-5876

Johnny Longoria – 361-676-6118

AMA Charter #4185